Projects And Programmes

Training Programmes

We have three kinds of training programmes - Education Leader and Teacher Training, English Language Teachers Training and Life Skills Training.

RELO Workshop 2013 14 Phase-1 AKRSPI Madarsa Teacher Training Workshop

Life Skills Training

While Life Skills are embedded in all our trainings - for students, teachers, leaders, staff, parents - we also conduct focused projects and workshops to develop Life Skills in teachers and education leaders, and thereby integrate them in the School Curriculum and Environment. The approach is experiential, participatory and reflective for these workshops. We conduct residential workshops spread across days or weeks staggered over a planned duration of time with out-bound experiences as well as indoor activities depending on the context and need of the learners.
Partner: AKRSPI, The Valley School (Bangalore)
Location: Muzaffarpur (Bihar), Old Delhi, Delhi

English Language Teachers Training

We conduct English Language Teacher Training for teachers who teach English in Community Schools or Madarsas, where there is very little English spoken or used. TiF facilitators have worked with MMEWS and HLT to conduct RELO English Teacher Training Programme, a twenty days, residential, all- India English Language Teachers Training supported by the American Centre, New Delhi. Around 150 teachers were trained over the period of 2013-16 wherein a batch of about 30-40 teachers were recruited every year from various cities across the country.
Partner: MMEWS and HLT
Location: New Delhi (Delhi), Jaipur (Rajasthan), Pune (Maharashtra)