Projects And Programmes

Tarraqi School Development Programme (TSDP)

Tarraqi School Development Programme (TSDP) is what follows the 360* School Assessment A team of education experts, after assessing the schools, prepare a School Development Plan, working along with the school Leader and teachers. This plan focuses mainly on the capacity building of School Leaders, Teachers, Staff & Parents.

The comprehensive training approach is four fold:
  • Learning Self
  • Knowing Others
  • Knowing the Learner
  • Knowing the Subject

TSDP is a comprehensive programme to understand various aspects of a school and schooling so as to improve the learning environment, pedagogical approaches, curriculum enhancement, skills development et al and thereby the learning outcome and life skills of the students. Facilitated by practitioners, the programme is developed on cutting-edge pedagogical and management research and is adapted to the context and needs of the learners.