About TiF

Mission Vision


The vision of Tarraqi ‘I’ Foundation (TIF) is the progress of humanity through qualitative education, skills enhancement, employment generation and facilitating ethical entrepreneurship so as to strengthen peace.


TiF is committed to include and empower marginalized populations; helping them to find their inherent strengths and facilitating an enabling environment around them by educating them, skilling them and creating awareness about their rights and well being especially educational, economic, social and health-related schemes and services available for them.

What’s the ‘I’ in Tarraqi I Foundation?

‘Tarraqi’ means progress in Urdu, one of the youngest languages in the world that evolved as an amalgamation of three ancient and culturally rich languages – Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit.

The letter ‘I’ holds myriad interpretations. It could refer to self in self reliance and self development. ‘I’ could stand for Intelligence, Innovation, Inspiration. It could also imply Inclusion and Integration – Taraqqi ‘I’ Foundation includes and actively reaches out to marginalised groups irrespective of religion, region or caste. Hence, the core significance of I lies in ‘Insaaniyat’ (Humanity) which includes the universal values of Ikhlaas (sincerity), Ikraam (caring or being hospitable), Itedaal (Balance).

Together these core values form the bedrock of the multi-faceted efforts of Tarraqi ‘I’ Foundation.

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