Tarraqi I Foundation (TiF) is a registered educational organisation striving to develop qualitative education, skills (especially life skills), employment and entrepreneurship for the underprivileged. It is also working to strengthen peace through inter-cultural and inter-community synergy.

TiF has been facilitating education leaders/teachers training, 360 degrees school assessment, curriculum enhancement, life skills development as well as education research and advocacy. It believes in fostering deep trust, empathy and dialogue with the communities and works with the stakeholders in a participatory way.

  • High expectations and benchmarks for our team, teachers, students and other stakeholders.
  • Everybody strives to excel continually in their roles and/or subjects by updating and improving their own skills, knowledge and understanding.
  • Commitment to high quality instruction, thoughtful alignment of curriculum and assessments and effective use of data to drive student achievement, teacher performance and organizational learning and growth.
  • In community development work, dedication to continuous learning and improvement through participatory approaches, performance evaluation and accountability.
  • Each child is unique, special, with varying perspectives (opinions, interests, beliefs, etc.) that are to be understood and respected.
  • All children should have equal access to the same level/quality of learning opportunities regardless of their background (financial, gender, religious or social).
  • All youth and adults should have equal access to developing their skills and desirable employment or entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Support in education or skills development must be differentiated based on individual’s needs, learning style and pace of learning.
  • Empathy: Understanding someone else’s situation or feelings from the other person’s perspective and context.
  • Integrity & Honesty: Everyone is trustworthy and gives their best to the assigned tasks and the cause, without compromising on transparency and ethics. People are honest to themselves and others in taking responsibility and giving feedback.
  • Joyfulness: People work in the spirit of doing what one loves and loving what one does.
  • Team Spirit & Cooperation: Everybody works together for ensuring the short and long term success of their assignment and also of the organisation .
  • Capacity to excel: Everyone can excel in area/s of their choice and surmount difficult challenges if properly supported by family, teachers, friends and society.
  • Shared responsibility: All stakeholders are responsible for efficacy and efficiency in achieving the desired goals. There has to be engagement of the community in planning and executing any educational & development programme.
  • Clean and safe: Hygienic and secure learning environment within and outside the TiF centres & partner schools.
  • Environment Friendly: High concern about preserving the environment and to ensure sustainable use of resources across multiple generations.

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Our Vision & Mission


The vision of Tarraqi ‘I’ Foundation (TIF) is the progress of humanity through education, skill development and ethical economic development so as to strengthen peace.


TiF is committed to include and empower marginalized populations; helping them to find their inherent strengths and facilitating an enabling environment around them by educating them, skilling them and creating awareness about their rights and duties – economic, social, educational and health-related.